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stories and poems by tay (fileg) stories by Chris Smith

Faramir and Boromir, swimming lessons, and three meetings in the river Anduin

Blood Of Kings  
Theoden helps Eomer after Eomund's death

River of Fallen Stars
Faramir and Pippin, stars in the Anduin, some old ghosts and a bottle of wine.

Morwen and Eredh 
A sunny autumn day, a harvest and just a bit of romance.   
Peace Like A River Ran Through the CIty -
Faramir remembers Boromir on the anniversary of seeing the funeral boat
Faramir's Grandfather shows him a constellation that recalls the faithful leaving Munenor
All Of Them Together  
Boromir and Thorongil, an honorable surrender
The Weight of Stone *new*
Written for the Friday the 13th superstitions challenge at Henneth Annun - Merry skips a stone to test his luck.
As Truly As The Arrow Flies  
Faramir and his Grandfather talk about the constellation The Archer. This was written as part of the Stargazers series with the HA Writers Group, where Faramir learns the constellations.
Borne on its Wings *new*
Faramir finds strength and hope in the banner of his mother.
  stories by Jim (shunt)
Quel Fara  *under revision*
A ranger and his companion; a boy and his dog; the bonds between species.
Shelob's Lament
war comes for us all

Telling The Bee
s *new*
Sam returns from the Havens and must inform the bees of a change in Household. Written for the Friday the 13th superstitions challenge at Henneth Annun.
Whistling Past the Graveyard *new*
Written for the Friday the 13th superstitions challenge at Henneth Annun - Boromir encounters a dwarven superstition as the fellowship passes through Moria


Snapshot Challenge Art 1:  *new*
Jim's entries in the HASA snapshot challenge

Snapshot Challenge Art 2:*new*
Brothers on the Anduin by Starlight

Banner Challenge Art *new*
The Golden Flower

Winter Solstice *new*
Elrond reflects as the Fellowship leaves Rivendell
Halbarad *new*
Aragorn's closest kinsman becomes his standard-bearer on the Paths of the Dead.

  poetry: about the verse forms           
Home By Morning
A love poem from the heart of war; a Nursery Rhyme to scare the daylights out of the little ones when you tuck them in

Ascension -
a terzanelle by Denethor addressing 1,000- years of futility

Unquenchable -
two triolets - first glimpses between Éomer and Lothíriel
  Finduilas -
a villanelle by Denethor about the fires of the soul
Steelsheen - *new*
a cywydd Llosgyrnog to Morwen Steelsheen
  Strength of Love -
a rondeau - a very speculative love poem to Denethor from Finduilas
Singing In The Facce of Death - *new*
A Rider of Rohan remembers Hirgon of Gondor
  Jewel of the Hunt -
a terzanelle for Faramir

a terzanelle from Turin Turimbar to Anglachel, his sentient sword
  Elanor -
a kyrielle Fastred to Elanor, daughter of Samwise

Play by email - slightly off colour limericks

Green Eyed Monsters -
two triolets for fur - the Cats of Queen Beruthiel
    Beautiful Pea Green Boat -
Queen Beruthiel and her cats, with apologies to Edward Lear
Notes and sketches from the Two Towers exhibit
at the Royal Ontarion Musem, November 2002
I am currently working on this, but most of the sketches are up if you want to peek
Faramir and Gondor
the dark
the elves
Screen Captures from The Two Towers
Banners and goodies 
Where Do Nuzgul Come From? -
a visual joke for the fine purveyors of deadly ideas at Henneth Annun
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