The Parallel Lives of Eomer and Faramir...

In mythology, the dioscouri are twin sons of a sky god. The are frequently an east/ west or a morning/evening pair. Sometimes they are the morning and the evening star- both of which are the planet venus - so basically they are the two parallel sides of the same idea.

They exist in many cultures, but the one that is probably most familiar is Greek mythologym where Castor and Pollux fill this slot, with the sun and horses are their symbols.

Although Faramir and Eomer are not actual twins, they are a morning / evening star pair with personal stories that mrror each other.

I noticed this time the Rohirrim, (covered in rising sun symbols, and the very first allies of Aragorn’s dawning new day) circling around to attack from the East. I know that’s good battle strategy, but it also reminded me that Faramir, wearing the white tree of the moon, will salute the moon-dark on the top of Henneth Annún and stand in the Window on the West.

Ithilien is “the moon land” Faramir and Eomer are becoming quite entwined for me this trip. I realized that Faramir is the evening star and that Eomer is the morning star, and though they are not twin suns here, I began to see all the parallels in their lives.

I wrote: The culture of Rohan is all about morning, daybreak, beginnings and rebirths. I just stood next to the Rohirric armor in Toronto, and every symbol engraved on it (aside from the horses, part of the dioscouri nature) carries this forward- rising suns, rebirth spirals, triskells symbolizing both the sun and birth-death-rebirth. Gondor, on the other hand is fading-

“It is long since we had any hope.... we are a failing people, a springless autumn."

“... the neighing of war horses, and the sudden singing of many men. The Sun’s limb was lifted, an arc of fire, above the margin of the world. Then with a great cry, the Riders charged from the east; the red light gleamed on mail and spear.”

“The sunset gilded their spears and helmets, and glinted in their pale flowing hair.”

Our sun king, Aragorn, has the entire day and both ends of the spectrum covered with these two fine allies

.When they first encounter our fellowship companions, the Mark surrounds the travelers in a circle (sun) and the ranger’s of Ithilien surround Frodo in a semicircle (moon)

Each must fight a battle and rout their enemies before they encounter the traveller they will aid

Each of them knows they have been ordered not to allow any travelers in the sacred lands- and each of them know their life will be forfeit if they let the trespassers live. But they not only let them live, they give aid - both recognize the sacred nature of the traveller they have encountered, and they instinctively know this is the right thing to do.
Neither has been raised in the position of the heir- but both become the heir when a death takes the first born out of the successionEach must confront a grieving father figure- but Théodan gains new hope with the rising sun, Denethor will give in to his despair.Eventually, Faramir will pass through the fire like a phoenix and become a morning star. Faramir and Aragorn will be a new rebirth for the old stagnant city and a new age will dawn.