movie-Verse Limericks

There are two boys from Gondor named ‘Mir’
who defended her eastern frontier
that we hope will be seen
in a nude-bathing scene
when the third movie makes its premier
Prince Imrahil, Knight of the Swan
has a part that, though sketchily drawn
will be sorely missed
if it doesn’t exist
when Return of the King is put on
Young Eomer, Lord of the Mark
offered Grima a caustic remark
for this dashing young marshall
(to whom we are partial)
can still spot a snake in the dark
A clever young elf named Figwit
Had but little screen time to transmit
His uncanny allure…
But his 'name' will endure
For he managed to use every bit
Where’s Elrohir? Where’s Elladan?
In vain for their faces we scan –
Were you unaware
We’d be walking on air
If you doubled our pleasure in Cannes?
The ranger was grim and unshaven
The stewards son searched for a haven
I felt all of fifteen
Watching Viggo and Bean…
But my heart still belongs to the raven

These two, of (more) questionable propriety, are about going to the movies with Chris---

My best friend, of whom I am fond
Forged a very strong link in our bond
When she leaned very near,
Whispering in my ear…
“You know, I’d sleep with that Elrond!”

When Saruman, grinning with glee
after pulling down every last tree
said “You will taste manflesh!”
I said –“Hope it’s still fresh!”
And she replied, “Supersize me!”






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