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Sometimes that LoTR fan-fiction is so good it makes you weep. That's ok, try these...  

Have the canon police decided your story is too AU? Are you old enough to remember William Conrad?

Why not try one of these!



Jim assembled this map for me while I was reading the Books of Lost Tales. I could never find all my reference points on one map...

This shows all of Beleriand in the first age

click to dowload the map as a PDF



My Fellow Ricardians -- has anyone else noticed King Theodens sleeves
feature the White Boar?
the photo is here



Where Do Nuzguls Come From

Lyllyn and Klose at Henneth Annun have given me more information on the subject than I was prepared for... I guess the old wives tale my mommy told me was wrong.



for the terminally cranky...






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