The ranger was grim and unshaven
The stewards son searched for a haven
I felt all of fifteen
Watching Viggo and Bean…
But my heart still belongs to the raven
Leg'las whose looks are considered delightful
found the fangirls' attention quite frightful
'I am losing my selfhood
in talk of my elfhood
Ai! - need a counselor who's most insightful!'
With apologies,
Lyllyn - rhyming "selfhood' and 'elf-hood'
Ai! I don't know if you deserve praise or punishment! I will have the couplet stuck in my head all day!!
Poor frustrated fellowship! Try this:
I offer an answer quite brash
To our boys – use a little panache
Fix the problem yourself -
You’re a grown man (and elf!)
Look out! Here come fan-girls with slash!
Tay, you and Lyllyn are going to have me in stitches if you keep this up. These are all so deliciously irreverent and - dare I say it - salacious.
Tay, I do have to wonder at you and Chris, especially in light of the recent discussion at HA re: people talking during showings of the movies. Sounds like you're having waaay too much fun there!
And now you have me doing this too! Yikes! It's all your fault, both of you!
Writers there were most audacious
creating rhymes brash and salacious.
Fangirls laughed with delight
whilst imagining the sight
of those men whom they thought quite bodacious!
*ducking for cover*
Let Powzie hold on to her raven,
His integrity’s made her a maven.
So upright, so pure;
but I found a cure
for that nonsense, my dear -- Blade-cravin’.
Re: Limericks
June 26, 2003 8:18 PM
This is great flick, it's contagious!
Behold beautiful doomed Boromir,
a bright vision from Gondor so drear;
what great luck he is played
so close to the Blade
and with such an admirable rear.



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